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Searching for categories

To search for categories beginning with a selected letter, click on the "letter". It is going to display all Categories that starts with selected letter. If you use the letter search, it is going to find business names in all states.

To search for categories from a drop down menu, select the "category" and state from the list and click the search button. It is going to display all business names under this category and in the selected state.

To search for categories for business name, just type the business name in the "text field" and select the state. It is going to display all business names that starts with the typed "keyword".

The search engine is not case sensitive so keywords can be lower or uppercase.

For best results, use a single keyword or an exact phrase. For example, if you are looking for business name beginning with digital and if you type digital, it is going to display just one company with the name of Digital World IT, if you just type digi it is going to display 9 different business names that starts with digi under different categories

Still need help? Send an email with the details to golden@goldendirectory.com.au.

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